We booked an all-inclusive at the Melia an all-inclusive resort.

As we came off the shuttle we were greeted with smiles and a moist washcloth to clean off our travel. The lobby is pristine and the open flow is wonderful. The resort is a modern desert theme which is gorgeous. There wasn’t a single speck throughout the resort. The location itself is a sight to behold. Check in was swift and easy. They use very classy bracelets to identify patrons. Food and drinks were readily available. We stayed in the junior suite ocean view. The minibar is stocked with beer, water, and juices. There is an espresso/coffee machine which was used daily for our AM cup. The pool is clean and has a swim-up bar. The food was exceptional and the staff went out of their way to make your stay a comfortable.

A beautiful display of fireworks happened the 1st night of our stay.

We woke up early one morning to watch the sunrise and we noticed something was jumping out of the water, but we couldn’t see what. Then another jumped out of the water, we could make out its shape—it was a manta ray playfully leaping a few feet out of the sea. From what I have read, scientist are not sure why they have this behavior, some thoughts are mating rituals, birthing, communication or to remove parasites. This is a rare sight because the manta rays don’t jump in the same location or even a particular time of year.

We spent one night in San Jose Del Cabo which is known as old Mexico. We had a lovely dinner at Lugareno Cocina, this beautiful courtyard restaurant is a hidden gem! We came for an early dinner on a Monday evening and had the whole place to ourselves. We tried the seasonal baby organic vegetables and they were seasoned and grilled to perfection, the slowed cooked spring lamb, serviced on a cactus with black beans and a fresh handmade tortilla was excellent. We also tried Mezcaloteca for the 1st time, it’s a lot like tequila only stronger and smokey. First, you must smell the mezcal, then take a small sip and rinse your mouth with it. You should do this several times and will be able to taste the burnt agave. For dessert we had the track 7, sweet potato with honey, amaranth, espresso crumble, jasmine infused yogurt ice cream, this was the 1st for sweet potato for dessert and it was lovely. Our server was sweet and though his English was not fluent, he made every effort to provide excellent service in English for us. The ambiance was so peaceful, decor so colorful and the artwork was fun.

Baja del Sur is the perfect remedy from a cold winter or a cool spring in the States. It is the life of leisure where you can do as much or as little as you want. We choose as little and we actually feel rested once home!